Killing Me

Kamary wrote this song some years ago and kept it in the back of his mind in hopes to find the right singer. Even the controversial talent, Sinead O’connor herself, gave it a grand ‘thumbs up’ after hearing an obscure version of Kamary singing it solo some years ago.

Finally, the right vocal version has found it’s way to reality. Introducing the original Phillips & Phillips title, KILLING ME. Featuring the angelic vocal stylings of Susy Phillips and a soulful voice many have come to recognize, Kamary Phillips.

Killing Me written by Kamary Phillips,
performed by Phillips & Phillips

5 thoughts on “Killing Me”

  1. ALL of these songs need 10 minute drum solos if you want to make it onto commercial radio. Probably should make some very violent videos as well. For this song, I picture you running through a crowd with samurai swords hacking innocent bystanders in slow motion. Stick with me kids and I’m going to be rich…I mean…you’ll make a lot of money…

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