Anyone Else But You

Sitting together one night like many others, we were watching a film. This was a movie called JUNO. About a teen who gets pregnant. Great piece of work.

At the end, the two main characters start singing this quirky song called “Anyone Else But You”, which we later learned was originally done by the MOLDY PEACHES. Both versions were very indie in their production styles and none of the participants came across as particularly great singers. That amateur vocal style added brilliantly to the unpolished production style and the song’s innocence.

In our version, we did our best to add a loose, less polished approach to the whole thing. Starting with Susy playing guitar instead of Kamary, as he is a proficient guitarist as any P&P fans already know and Susy’s a beginner. Also, the vocal takes were done simultaneously and live.


“Anyone Else But You” produced by Phillips & Phillips


Having trouble with the video? Watch it on YouTube.

“Anyone Else But You” performed by Phillips & Phillips


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